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Certified precision calibration gas mixtures and accessories for industrial gas leak detectors

  • CalGasOnline is an authorized distributor of GASCO, manufacturer of calibration gas in Oldsmar, FL USA.
  • GASCO has the facilities and expertise to blend gases to your specifications.
  • Factory-trained sales representatives at have the knowledge and the know-how to recommend the proper gas mixture for your calibration requirements.
  • GASCO’S precision and quality is consistent with NIST standards.
  • We are an authorized reseller of GASCO'S
    • Reactive and Non-Reactive Mixtures.
    • Multi-Gas Mixtures.
    • Different Cylinder sizes.
    • Flow Regulators.
    • 3-Day Lead Times, many in stock.
    • OEM Mixtures.

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NORLAB Equivalent  19620135V


$97.20     Availability: 3 Days
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NORLAB Equivalent 19620135V
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Norlab Equivalent Calibration Gas 1.35% Ethylene Balance air 105L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)

Calibration gas is non-returnable

Part# with Options:        19620135V
Price with Options:        97.20


Regulator C10
(1) Flow Regulator for Gasco Reactive and Non-Reactive mixtures C10
Most common fixed flow is 0.5 LPM
(2) Teflon Tubing for Gasco calibration gas regulator

Availability 3 Days  ]

Quality Assurance:

Each cylinder is labeled with a serial number and expiration date. The stability of each mix is guaranteed to the highest accuracy.

Each cylinder comes with a Certificate of Analysis with Traceability to N.I.S.T.

Gasco P/N 105L-62A-1.35
Balance air
Cylinder 105L / C-10 Inlet
Made by Gasco in the USA

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P196227 (1165) NORLAB EQUIVALENT  P196227

Norlab Equivalent Calibration Gas 27 ppm Ethylene Balance air 17L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)


$32.00        Calibration gas is non-returnable

P196212 (1164) NORLAB EQUIVALENT  P196212

Norlab Equivalent Calibration Gas 12 ppm Ethylene Balance air 17L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)


$32.00        Calibration gas is non-returnable

17L_-62A-115 (104) GASCO  17L-62A-115

Gasco Calibration Gas Cylinder with Ethylene (C2H4). 20 ppm to 1.15% vol. Balance Air. Available Sizes 17, 34, 105 and 221 Liters.


$32.00        Calibration gas is non-returnable

7802-115 (783) GFG Equivalent  7802-115

GfG Equivalent Calibration Gas 50% LEL Ethylene Balance air 34LS Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)


$65.00        Calibration gas is non-returnable

4594645 (747) DRAEGER Equivalent  4594645

Draeger Equivalent Calibration Gas 100 ppm Ethylene Balance Air 105L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)


$97.20        Calibration gas is non-returnable

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Industrial Automation Services
Industrial Automation Services with PLC and SCADA

Certified to:
All calibration mixtures certified to NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Difficult Highly Reactive Gas Mixtures
  • Fast Delivery
  • 40 Years Industry Experience
  • Highest Quality & Stability
  • Industry Experienced Customer Service

NIOSH/CDC Exposure Limits
NIOSH/CDC Exposure Limits

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