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RKI Equivalent  81-0181RK-02

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RKI Equivalent 81-0181RK-02
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RKI Equivalent Calibration Gas 25 PPM Nitric Oxide Balance Nitrogen 58L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)

Calibration gas is non-returnable

Part# with Options:        81-0181RK-02
Price with Options:        251.10


Regulator SS C10
(1) Stainless Steel Flow Regulator for Gasco Highly Reactive mixtures C10
Most common fixed flow is 0.5 LPM
(2) Teflon Tubing for Gasco calibration gas regulator

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Quality Assurance:

Each cylinder is labeled with a serial number and expiration date. The stability of each mix is guaranteed to the highest accuracy.

Each cylinder comes with a Certificate of Analysis with Traceability to N.I.S.T.

Gasco P/N 58L-125-25
Balance Nitrogen
Cylinder 58L / C-10 Inlet
Made by Gasco in the USA
Export Info
Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)3822006000
Hazardous MaterialYes

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RKI Equivalent  81-0181RK-04

RKI Equivalent Calibration Gas 25 PPM Nitric Oxide Balance Nitrogen 34L Liter cylinder (Made by Gasco)